[mythtv-users] Re: DVB channels unwatchable?

Nick knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Sun May 29 21:11:54 UTC 2005

On 5/29/05, Niels Dybdahl <niels.dybdahl at gmail.com> wrote:
> > > > I have set up mythtv with the new
> > > > card, got it to scan and add in all channels, but the channels are
> > > > unwatchable, such as I set up BBC1 on the DVB card to channel 2001, and
> > > > when I type in "2001" then enter, it doesn't change, and the channel
> > > Hi Piers,
> > >
> > > I have the same problem here. Have you found a solution ?
> > >
> > > Best regards
> > > Niels Dybdahl
> > Looks to me the DVB card is not your only card ? Right ??
> You are right. I have a PVR-350 as the first card and a Twinhan as the
> second card.
> I found a workaround for the error messages:
> > 2005-05-16 14:56:03.580 DVB#0 ERROR - Unable to find channel in database.
> > 2005-05-16 14:56:03.584 DVB#0 ERROR - Failed to get channel options for channel 1.
> On my system it reports error for channel 3 instead of 1. I changed
> the channel numbers so that a DVB channel is on 3 instead of a analog
> channel.
> > Live TV is only on you 1st defined card.
> > As far as I know switching from a NOT-DVB card to a DVB card isn't possible.
> That surprises me. But if I start a recording on the second channel,
> then I suppose I can watch it ? I will try that now...

It is completely possible to switch in Live TV from a non-DVB card to
a DVB card, or vice versa. Press Y to chance cards, and C to change
inputs (i.e. tuner/comp/svid on PVR350) on the current card. You can
alter which appears first by altering the card's/input's priority I

As long as channels are setup correctly in myth (if using 0.18 and a
channel scan is successful you are almost there) you must ensure that
the XMLTV ids are suitable, and that the start channel for each input
is set to a channel that actually exists (DVB channels can have
non-consecutive numbers when can be confusing).

I find using phpMyAdmin now invaluable in locating and resolving
problems on my myth box, especially when channels are not behaving


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