[mythtv-users] PVR-150 status?

Louie Ilievski loudawg at comcast.net
Fri May 27 04:09:46 UTC 2005

> You could also use the 0.2 stable drivers.  Support for the 150 has
> been backported to them as well.  It works OK, but still has a few
> issues (scaling is not supported).  Sound has issues off and on, but I
> haven't seen that too much.

Scaling works fine with my PVR-150 and the latest ivtv drivers.  As a matter 
of fact, it has been working for quite a while, since somewhere in the 0.3.3 
range I believe.  As far as I'm concerned, support for these cards at this 
point is great.  My tuner works great, picture and sound are great, and I 
can't tell if a show was recorded on my 150 rather than my 350.  Well worth 
it, in my opinion.  Amazon sells these cards for very cheap too.

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