[mythtv-users] Bottom-end MythTv Suggestions

Adam Pash adam.pash at gmail.com
Wed May 25 15:06:15 UTC 2005

Thanks for your replies. Everything makes sense, but there's still one 
thing... as is, I'm not sure how well my existing soundcard, video card, and 
motherboard are going to work. Actually, I know that the video card won't 
work, b/c it doesn't have any s-video or rca video outs. But I don't think 
that my motherboard will support a newer card, either. So I'm thinking... is 
there any combination of motherboard (with onboard sound, and ethernet), 
video card, and processor that anyone could recommend that would cost 
somewhere in the $100-$200 range that are well-supported?

I have no concerns for hi-def, but I would like to transcode video, as disk 
space is somewhat of a concern. Anyone have some suggestions in this price 
range that have worked for you?
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