[mythtv-users] DVD rip preserving menus

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Tue May 24 21:09:43 UTC 2005

> dd only works on DVDs without CSS. Even if you "unlocked" the DVD drive
> using xine, you would be able to copy the encrypted data from the DVD but
> not all of the information required to play a CSS encrypted DVD.

> Tim

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>> I like being able to use DVD menus and skip from chapter to chapter, so
> I've just switched to xine and it's working great for DVDs. My next question
> is whether MythTV can rip DVDs preserving DVD menus and chapters. I've done
> this in Windows using a little program which makes perfect or compressed
> rips, then Cyberlink PowerDVD can play these directly from hard disk. I've
> been looking around but don't see how this is done in MythTV.
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>> Derek

>  This was on the list a while back.
>  It will make a perfect copy to the HD of the entire DVD.
>  I found you need to open the DVD with xine first to unlock it and
> then you can copy it.

>   dd if=/dev/dvd of=/tmp/copy_of.iso bs=2048
>   xine dvd:///tmp/copy_of.dvd/
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It works and it's brilliant. Is there a way to integrate this into the MythTV interface though?


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