[mythtv-users] Dual tuner question

Scott Harris sharris at synthys.com
Tue May 24 19:30:32 UTC 2005


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> I was at Fry's on Friday night and they were having the big 
> 20th anniversary sale.
> They had this card on sale for $5 (after main in rebate), the 
> box says it is
> "V-Stream Creator TV-MCE 100 Pro".  There are also some 
> references to Kworld
> and it claims on the box to support both MPEG 1 and 2 encoding. 
> I've got one PVR-350 working perfectly and wanted to add this 
> 2nd one.  Both
> will be getting signal from separate DirecTV boxes (d10).  
> I'm having trouble understanding how to set two up.  I've 
> search for info but I've not seen many people using this one 
> at all, let alone in a dual tuner system.

After 1 day of messing with this I gave up and went to Fry's and
bought a PVR-150 to go with the PVR-350.  Installed and got it 
working in a few hours.  Dual tuners are working great.  And the
bonus was there is a $20 mail in rebate on the 150.


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