[mythtv-users] File permissions for recordings

Derek Scollon mailing.lists at scotwebsolutions.com
Sun May 22 16:45:22 UTC 2005

>> > This doesn't answer your question, but why not run everything
>> > (mythbackend, mtd, mythfrontend) as the mythtv user? You shouldn't
>> > need to run any of this as root ...
>> > --Rob
>> You're right, of course, there's no necessity to do it this
>> way. My reasons (both of which I realise can be worked around)
>> are...
>> 1. Doing it by the method used in the excellent Howto at
>> wilsonet.com results in the backend being run automatically at boot
>> time as root.
>> 2. When the backend is run as the mythtv user it can't open the
>> frontend on the DVB card. This necessitates changing the
>> permissions on /dev/dvb/adaptor0/frontend0, which would need to be
>> done after every reboot.

> You can fix this by adding some permission settings into a file in
> /etc/udev/permissions.d. Just create a file called 20-dvb.permissions
> and put this line in it:

> dvb/adapter[0-3]*/*:root:mythtv:0666

> Then mythtv will be able to open the DVB cards with no manual
> intervention after every reboot.

> Also, don't forget that even if you run mythfrontend as a
> non-privileged user, it's a good idea to set uid root for it - it even
> advises you to in the logs!

> Regards,
> Phill
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Thanks, that's very helpful. I finally managed to solve the problem by unsetting the setuid bit on the directory (I'd misread the book when I checked on the effect of this bit). Everything seems to be back to working normally now.

Best regards,

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