[mythtv-users] Closed captioning support

Kim Wall kim at ductilebiscuit.net
Fri May 20 23:17:18 UTC 2005

Brad Templeton wrote:

> other clever things like knowing about
> letterbox or pillarbox bars and making use of them, or even an FF
> mode that shrunk the display window down to make room to do a lot of
> text on the screen at once.   A tool like that you really could watch
> a show at 3x or 5x speed, at least the boring parts.

I'd certainly be interested in seeing those kind of features (especially
the relatively simple one of making use of the letterbox bars, there's
nothing more annoying than subtitles obscuring people's names and
similar captions on documentary/news type programmes).  The ability to
customise the font/colour of subtitles would be useful too - I'm
colourblind, and unable to differentiate the standard teletext
yellow/green and white/cyan, which can be confusing when they are used
to differentiate between different speakers.  Another possibility I've
thought of is using the CC data as a searchable index for the video -
I've no idea how feasible that is, but it seems that that would be a
very cool caption-based feature with universal appeal.


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