[mythtv-users] Does *anyone* run 2 LIRC devices on a single serial port?

Michael Carland mcarland at bitsgonewild.net
Fri May 20 22:17:47 UTC 2005

On May 20, 2005, at 5:03 PM, Nick wrote:

> Following up my earlier email, I've googled and searched the
> lirc-lists, but it doesnt seem like anyone else is doing this. If
> anyone has some magic to impart, please let me know! Should I be able
> to control both a transmitter and receiver with a 0.7.1 compile of
> LIRC with transmitter options compiled in?
> Cheers,
> Nick

I missed your first post. It's been a few months since I built LIRC, so 
I'm not groking what you mean by transmitter options compiled in. I am 
running LIRC 7.0 on my frontend over the serial port. I have an IR 
receiver connected on the RX side, and a 303.875MHz transmitter 
connected to the TX side so I can control my ceiling fan. I have the 
lirc_dev and lirc_serial modules loaded.


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