[mythtv-users] stuttering playback with MythTV EPIA-M/networked

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Fri May 20 12:35:45 UTC 2005


I have an Epia box which did something similar. The stuttering was
accompanied by load of "prebuffering pause" messages from mythfrontend.

This is what I did to correct the stuttering:

1. Run mythfrontend as root or suid mythfrontend.
2. Run mythfrontend with nice -15 or so. eg "nice -n -15 mythfrontend"

Hope this helps.


> Hi,
> I am trying to use MythTV in a configuration where the backend is
> running on a central "media server" and playback goes via network on
> mythfrontend running on an VIA EPIA based box.
> Unfortunately playback on the VIA based box is stuttering, thus it plays
> well for half a second or so, then stops for 1/3 second (video and
> sound), then plays for another half a second, stutters again ...
> Don't take "0.5 second" and 1/3 second for exact figures ...
> What I have already thought about:
>   - Problems on the capturing side:
>     I can watch TV on the "media server" without any problems, so the
>     backend side does not seem to be the problem.
>   - Performance problems / failing MPEG hardware decoder (XvMC)
>     I think this is not the problem since I have another box (Pentium
>     III/700 without any hardware accelerated video) - when I try to
>     watch TV on this second box I just get a very poor framerate all
>     over the time but no stuttering like described. So I assume XvMC
>     is basically online since without XvMC playback would rather
>     resemble that of the other slow box.
>   - network problems
>     In order to make sure network is not the problem I tried various
>     ring buffer sizes ... and I even tried starting TV, unplug the
>     network and see what happens: It keeps playing *and*stuttering*
>     for another few seconds (buffer) and then stops. So it seems that
>     the stuttering is not caused by network problems since the buffer
>     seems to be full and the problem does not go away during playback
>     from buffer only.
>   - .... any other idea????
> Many thanks in advance for any hints!
> Best regards,
> Tom
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