[mythtv-users] OT: RG-6 crimping question

BP lists at qucae.com
Fri May 20 07:13:56 UTC 2005

gLaNDix (Jesse Kaufman) wrote:
> Maverick wrote:

> i'll see if i can, unfortunately the only people around here (ks) that
> seem to have the tools are cox techs and i try to steer clear of them
> (no offense if anyone is, but the techs around here couldn't run cable
> to save their lives and it looks like SH%$#@ on the outside of my house!)
> -g-

I've not kept up entirely with this thread, but...My local Lowes started
carrying pressure fit RG6 tools for about $20 a couple months ago.  Much
better than spending $100+ as they were previously priced.  Bought
myself one and redid all my connections.  My picture is vastly improved.

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