[mythtv-users] DVB EIT data for HDTV (was: Australian EPG data for HD DVB?)

Jon Whitear jon at whitear.org
Tue May 17 01:31:03 UTC 2005

> But I do understand your request of identifying programs that are
> truly HD. Same as knowing when a 4:3 program is shown even though
> the channel is transmitting 16:9 (as they all do here).

I'm not sure what you mean by 'truly HD' - I assume you mean
differentiating between a 'natively' HD source as oppposed to one that's
been upsampled. That's nopt really where I'm trying to get to - I just
want an EPG for HD channels.

Is anyone in Sydney, Australia, using the data broadcast inband? Forgive
me if my terminology's wrong, but I _think_ this is called EIT data. Is it
provided on HD channels by Asutralian operators?



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