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Mon May 16 23:12:28 UTC 2005

Can you PM me if you get the box or just send out the model etc...  I'm in
Raleigh and would LOVE to get one of the boxes!


 vtphilk (at) gmail.com

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Tom E. Craddock Jr. wrote:

> Mario Limonciello wrote:
>> Tom E. Craddock Jr. wrote:
>>> Mario Limonciello wrote:
>>>> Tom E. Craddock Jr. wrote:
>>>>> Howdy,
>>>>> Had similar problems as well with TimeWarner/Brighthouse in Tampa Bay
>>>>> last year when I first wanted to get a 1394 box;  only way I got it
>>>>> was by going to the local office and waiting for about an hour in
>>>>> their lobby till I got a manager who knew what I was talking
>>>>> about.  I
>>>>> wouldnt trust that the tech tommorrow will bring a 1394 tech (they
>>>>> work on sundays up there?)  I just recently started as a cable
>>>>> installer for Brighthouse down here, and I can tell you at least from
>>>>> my experience, none of the contractors are aware of the 1394 box
>>>>> because TimeWarner/Brighthouse doesnt make us aware of it.  Hecked, I
>>>>> even asked the managers at 2 of the offices that all of the
>>>>> contractors for the county I work in about the 1394 box, and they had
>>>>> no idea about it; when I asked why they didnt being in such a
>>>>> position, I was told (by thier manager) that since it was such a
>>>>> specialty item TimeWarner/BH wont/doesnt go out of thier way to make
>>>>> them available (ie make the customer come to the local office to pick
>>>>> it up).  Weve been instructed to tell any customer that wants one to
>>>>> go to thier local office and speak to a customer service rep or
>>>>> office
>>>>> manager to get one.
>>>>> So best advice, go and camp out in thier office till you get the box
>>>>> in hand that you want.
>>>>> Tom
>>>> Well I guess I have to figure out where that local office is now.  The
>>>> only places actually posted on the TW website seem to be the customer
>>>> care centres.
>>>> Further, looking the box they gave me is a Explorer 3250HD.  It "does"
>>>> come in a firewire variation, just I obviously didn't get it. 
>>>> Which box
>>>> did you eventually end up getting from them?  An 8000 or 8300
>>>> series DVR
>>>> box?  I'm planning on printing out some pics of these boxes with the
>>>> firewire ports to show the tech tomorrow.  I'm still pretty surprised
>>>> myself they work sundays, but hell I won't argue.  Not to intrude, but
>>>> Tom - Being an installer for them, do you have any contacts up here
>>>> you
>>>> could help me pull strings with now?  I'd really hate to have to go
>>>> through too many hoops getting this going, I'm only living in the area
>>>> for 3 months, but still want to beable to enjoy summertime HD from
>>>> myth :)
>>> Mario,
>>> I ended up with the 3250HD w/1394.  Now, they dont make that exact
>>> model available in all areas, but they will have SOME vs of a digital
>>> cable box w/1394 avail (could very well be the 3250HD w/1394, just
>>> dont want to say that it will be for sure, as I cant).
>>> Unfortunately, no I dont have any contacts up there.  I am just a
>>> subcontractor for a ANOTHER company that subs the work from
>>> TimeWarner/Brighthouse.
>>> When I say local office, I mean the office where you can pay your
>>> bill, and they should also have hardware (cable boxes, DVRs, Cable
>>> Modems etc) there as well.  If no one at the counter can help you
>>> (which they wont), tell them youll be sitting in thier lobby and they
>>> need to find someone that knows what your talking about, as if they
>>> dont you will be filing a complaint with the FCC for non-conformance;
>>> make sure you mention once again theyve had almost a year since the
>>> regulation when into effect. If the office youve been going to is no
>>> help, they SHOULD have another office somewhere in your area.  Either
>>> go to one of them, or call them up.
>>> Tom
>> Okay, if the office is open tomorrow, I'll head there tomorrow.  If not,
>> I'll head during my lunch break from work on Monday.  I'm also
>> considering grabbing one of these 3250HD's off ebay, only 30 or 60 bucks
>> or, and then I never have to deal with this headache no matter what
>> cable company I'm with down the road (Several moves up ahead).
> Wont work for TimeWarner/BH.  You have to get the cable box from the
> cable co.  The cable box has to be approved to run on their network,
> and they will only authorize boxes they distribute.
> Tom
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Okay, here is a small update as for what happened in my situation for
the curious.

I headed into the local office this morning.  The lady there was
familiar with what a firewire port was, but said she didn't have any
boxes with them.  I explained to her it was a regulation, and then she
told me that she plain old didn't have any here.  She showed me the room
with all of the boxes, and she looked to be right.
I told her that if she couldnt get a box for me, then I'll have to get
the FCC involved here.  At that point she called someone.  About 20
minutes later she came back and told me that a box is on order for me. 
It should arrive tomorrow afternoon, but she'll call me when it gets in. 
We'll see what happens next :)
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