[mythtv-users] Widescreen and SVideo settings

Paul Leppert phlepper at gmail.com
Mon May 16 14:43:25 UTC 2005

On 5/15/05, Nick <knowledgejunkie at gmail.com> wrote:

> Does the NVidia driver tools support overscan adjustment? - this is
> likely to help get the picture more centred on the display.
> Nick

Is it possible to adjust the overscan for the svideo only?  Do the
nvidia driver tools end up showing me two monitors (TV versus my VGA)?
 I'll have to try that when I get home.  I have previously adjusted
the overscan on the monitor with xvidtune, but that gives me a
modeline.  I didn't enter a modeline for the svideo, I'm just using
the standard 640x480.

Also, has anyone had any luck using offsets with twinview?  From the
nvidia readme:

        Optionally, mode names can be followed by offset information
        to control the positioning of the display devices within the
        virtual screen space; e.g.:

          "1600x1200 +0+0, 1024x768 +1600+0; ..."

        Offset descriptions follow the conventions used in the X
        "-geometry" command line option; i.e. both positive and negative
        offsets are valid, though negative offsets are only allowed when
        a virtual screen size is explicitly given in the X config file.

So, can I use a mode value that would look something like:

        "864x480, 600x480 -132+0"

Which should move the second display (the smaller svideo screen) to
the left half of the difference of the 864 (assuming the driver puts
the smaller screen in the center of the bigger one in "clone" mode).

I think I'm pretty close, just some more tweaking...

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