[mythtv-users] problem with HD3000 and channel setup

Howard Cokl hojoloco at yahoo.com
Sun May 15 12:08:18 UTC 2005

--- Mitko Haralanov <voidtrance at comcast.net> wrote:

> On Sat, 14 May 2005 12:37:42 -0700 (PDT)
> Howard Cokl <hojoloco at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Then in mythtv-setup I assigned
> > the OTA lineup to the HD3K and then went into
> channel
> > editor and had it scan for channels. 
> I get basic cable and up to now I was hooking it up
> to the 3 pvr-250s I
> have. When I installed the hd3000, I used the same
> cable as the now-
> replaced pvr-250. I tried to do the channel scanning
> but kept getting
> "Can't tune... Timeout" error message. But that
> could be because there
> is no acceptable signal coming on that cable.
> > Later after
> > running mythfilldatabase I edited the OTA channels
> and
> > added the xmlid to the scanned channels and marked
> the
> > zap2it channels invisible.
> Where can I find the xmlid's? I tried looking on the
> zap2it site and
> could not find them...

Let me see if I understand, you have an HD3K using the
dvb drivers and have it hooked up to basic cable?  I'm
pretty sure that won't work, but I think you can use
it for NTSC (with the v4l drivers but I'm not sure if
you can do dvb and v4l at the same time).  The answer
I gave you earlier was using the HD3K hooked up to an
antenna to receive ATSC over the air.


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