[mythtv-users] Time Warner & Firewire

Mario Limonciello mario.mailing at gmail.com
Sat May 14 21:20:21 UTC 2005

So - I need some ideas here how to handle this.

I got digital cable installed today by Time Warner in Durham NC.  When I
had the appointment arranged, the tech was supposed to bring a HD box
with an active firewire port.  When the tech got here, he had no idea
what I was talking about (gotta love contractors huh?).  He said head to
the customer care center downtown.

So I head there with the FCC mandate in hand.  I talk to the
representative, and he also has no idea what firewire was.  After
explaining it to him, he says they have no boxes.  I whip out the
mandate and tell him he is supposed to have a box with firewire as of
April Last year.  He takes my name and number and says he'll talk to his
sales manager and call me back.  He also recommended I called the
customer care number and talked to them.

I get home today to call them up, and then I talked to a representative
who again knew nothing of firewire.  She makes an appointment with a
tech for tomorrow, to bring out a new box, and puts in the notes that I
want a box with firewire.   I tell her to also put in the notes that if
they don't have a regular box with firewire, I'll have to take a DVR
series box.  Now this appointment she says can be from 8 am to 8 pm
anytime, so I gotta stay home and wait for this.

Now what should be my next step should TW not bring out a box with
firewire tomorrow?


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