[mythtv-users] Streaming mp3s from another machine?

Matthew Phillips mythtv at mattp.name
Sat May 14 03:26:20 UTC 2005

On 14/05/2005, at 12:17 PM, thor wrote:
> On Friday 13 May 2005 10:06 pm, Matthew Phillips wrote:
>> I think the best way for this to happen would be for the Myth box to
>> act as an AirTunes server, which means it would show up as a pair of
>> remote speakers to iTunes and anything else that groks that protocol.
>> This just requires the use of Bonjour (nee Rendezvous) to advertise
>> remote speakers (Apple has released the mDNS Bonjour utilities as
>> OS), and the crack to AirTunes' encryption (http://www.cocoadev.com/
>> index.pl?AirTunes) to be combined. Which, AFAICT hasn't actually been
>> done yet.
>  Non-trivial.
>  Airport advertises itself as a raop server via
> zeroconfig/rendezvous/bounjour/mdns-nom-du-jour. Raop (Remote Audio  
> Output
> Protocol) is rtsp/rtp, but with encryption added.
> The encryption protocol is reasonably well understood.
> Public keys (what you need to encrypt content and send it to an  
> Airport) are
> known.
> Private keys (what you need to "fake" an airport, receive content  
> from iTunes,
> and then play it) are completely unkown. The keys are there,  
> somewhere in the
> firmware of AirportExpress, but nobody's dug them out yet.

Bummer. I guess *that's* why it hasn't been done yet. And, if the  
secret is buried in firmware, I suppose it won't be coming any time  
soon either.

Why do these guys have to make everything so hard? Do they really  
think there aren't faster and better ways to copy music than to  
stream it - in real time - via AirTunes to a copier? This is  
legitimate music I bought, and I can't stream it to my stereo. Sheesh.

Thanks for the info,


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