[mythtv-users] Wierd error with a remote front end

Justin Hunt beyonddeath at gmail.com
Tue May 10 01:16:15 UTC 2005


I just setup my remote front end and its having some wierd problems, 
The backend can watch and record livetv and recordings at will.  When
i try to watch a recording on my remote frontend however,  It will
work 1 in 10 times and otherwise goto a black screen and fill the logs
with the last 2 lines of the log file i attached.  The backend doesnt
give any hints in its log, just that it added the remote frontend as a
remote file transfer.  The wierd part is if i play the first recording
to pop up really fast after going into the recording screen it seems
to work, however i cant seek or escape back to menu.  (it did work
correctly once, but then proceeded to freeze when i tried to scroll in
the recordings menu)

I appreciate any help, Im going out and i am gonna try and leave it at
black screen and see if anything happens after half hour of idleing.

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