[mythtv-users] Current state of a HushPC frontend?

Herman Kuiper herman at frontier.nl
Sun May 8 10:30:13 UTC 2005

> I found some stuff talking about issues using a HushPC as a frontend.
> The problems that seemed to be present (at least for the Mini ITX
> variety) are:
> - quality of the built in S-Video out

I've tried it on an 32" LCD TV (both a Sony and a Sharp), and the quality 
was lousy. I then tried a VGA converter (as the Sony didn't had VGA in) - 
better but still ppor. Now I've got the Hush connected via VGA to the Sharp 
TV @1280x768. Quality is excellent for my usage.

> - space constraints and heat issues if throwing in a PVR-350

Don't know about that - I'm using it as a front-end only and builtin VGA 

> - driver issues with the Mini-ITX motherboard.

I've been running the machine for a while now, without any problems.

> Thoughts?

If you're using a regular TV (non-LCD), results may be satisfactory. I'll 
be connecting a second one to a regular small-screen TV next week...


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