[mythtv-users] Australian HD content script

David Collett david.collett at gmail.com
Sun May 8 06:11:25 UTC 2005

Hi all,
My tv_grab_au, like many, does not provide guide data for 'HD' content
in Australia. I've written a small python script to populate the guide
data for these channels.

It works like this:
- you tell it which SD channel id's are related to which HD channel id's
- you give it a list of HD program titles
- the script will search for all these titles is the program table,
and if found, will add them again to the program table with the new HD
channel id and the field "hdtv" set to true(1).

The dogiest bit is that you have to maintain a list of HD titles. I
use the website at: http://www.widescreentv.com.au/ to do this.
Unfortunately the title names on that website are rarely the same as
the grabber ("C.S.I. Miami" vs "CSI: Miami") and the HTML is difficult
to parse anyway. I basically did it by hand which isnt ideal.

Run this script after you do a mythfilldatabase. It operates directly
on the database which is easier that messing with xmltv inside the
grabber, though it might break if the schema ever changes. Does anyone
know if I should somehow tell mythtv that the db has been updated??

How does everyone else deal with HD guide data on OZ?


PS. If there is any interest, I could convert this to a PHP page for
mythweb, store titles in a database table, and have a nice gui to add
and remove HD titles. That would probably be more maintainable.
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