[mythtv-users] importing VIDEO_TS directory into MythVideo

Russell Salerno rsalern5 at optonline.net
Sat May 7 19:03:26 UTC 2005

Hello all,

I have the VIDEO_TS directory of a DVD sitting on my MythTV hard drive.  The files are already decrypted and are in /myth/dvd/MY_MOVIE/VIDEO_TS.  I want to "Import DVD" on it, that is, I want to import the main title from this VIDEO_TS directory, not from an actual DVD.

To do this, I first tried faking out the "Import DVD" function by changing the DVD device (/dev/dvd) to the directory containing the VIDEO_TS directory (/myth/dvd) , and then trying to import a DVD.  This failed miserably.

Then I tried using tccat to grab the main tile but that failed too:

#tccat -i /myth/dvd/MY_MOVIE -T 1,-1 > MY_MOVIE.vob
(dvd_reader.c) no support for dvd reading configured - exit.
[tccat]  {pid=12345} failed to open DVD /myth/MY_MOVIE

I'm not sure I'm approaching this correctly... any help would be appreciated.


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