[mythtv-users] LxMSuite.com to provide services to the Mythcommunity

Byron Poland wpoland at gmail.com
Sat May 7 16:54:48 UTC 2005

On 5/7/05, Donavan Stanley <geckofiend at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 5/6/05, Jonathan Link <jonathan.link at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I'm with you.  I'm leery, because of Isaac's silence and because of
> > reasons below.
> Isaac's lack of comment probably shouldn't be construed as anything
> other than him being busy and/or not reading the users list (most of
> the devs only skim it at best).  He's bee informed of things every
> step of they way, and has received contractual assurances from
> Techovera regarding the allocation of funds for sponsorships.
> > First reason this is a startup.  Startups have zero credibility.
> Sorry you feel that way.  Every company was a starup at one point.
> > Second, I'd like to see more, I'd like to see optional themes, now,
> > not promises of more in the future.  I guess what I mean is that being
> > that this is a startup, it would've been better if all the vaporware
> > that is being talked about on the site was actually there.  I want my
> > $5 to buy something now, not a vague promise of more to come in the
> > future.
> I think you're missing the point of the LxMSuite offering.   It's not
> about a company making a buck off of MythTV it's about allowing the
> users of MythTV to support and help guide it's development.
> Technovera has made a significant outlay of cash up front in order to
> even get things as far as they are.
> > Marketing for this organization seems to have forgotten that people
> > (even technical ones) buy benefits, not features.  Sure, LXMSuite has
> > some neat features, but how do they benefit me (now), over what I'm
> > already getting?  Why do I need more improved program listings?  Why
> > do I need 14 days of listings over the 12 or whatever I'm getting?
> > Why do I need a recommendation system?
> The benefits of a given feature should be self-explanitory.
> >  What are all the features that will be added within the next few months?
> Beyond what's listed on the website it's  up to the subscribers.
> > Why not tell us now?
> Because new features are based off the submissions to the ideas email address.
> > Since the bonus system seems to the biggest "benefit" to users of this
> > service, how many developers are employed?
> Again this indicates a misunderstanding.  They don't have a
> development staff per-se they're paying the existing Myth developers
> to implement features.  Much like they paid me to add support for
> their grabber and to implement MythMovieTime.
> > How many projects do you expect to have blessed at any one time?
> I suspect that'd have a direct relationship to the number of subscribers.
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I'm all for programs like this and I wish the system luck. 

 I signed up last night bust have a problem.  The Lineup Management
Site was down when I signed up so I pasted the cert code in a sticky
note on my desktop.  Well I don't know what happended but the sticky
is gone now, and I have lost my Cert Code.  I double check the reciept
emailed to me, and it has no record of the cert code.

How can I get this code again?

Also other then the ideas @ email address on the the lxmedia site,
there is no contact info at all.  This is BAD.  I don't like emailing
the mythtv list and including issues that are only for customer

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