[mythtv-users] Lightweight Backend

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Sat May 7 04:36:26 UTC 2005

> Are there any HOWTO's or notes on building a dedicated Backend (with remote
> front-ends) without X or KDE? 
> With my limited knowledge of Mythtv, I am thinking that the Backend would
> have less to do if it did not have the overhead of X and KDE 

Even a frontend doesn't need KDE (does need X though). I removed KDE
and installed Ratpoison instead which is a more lightweight window
manager. KDE's great for workstations but not needed if all you want
is MythTV. If you do remove it you may need to watch out that you
didn't have any progs in the Autostart directory - you'll need to use
some other method to run them at startup.


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