[mythtv-users] prebuffering pause on live playback

Brian Webb webbbn at gmail.com
Fri May 6 16:01:38 UTC 2005

Thanks for the info. It sounds like this hardware should support what I'm 
trying to do, so I guess I must have something miss configured. I'm using 
Fedora Core 3, getting mythtv/drivers from the ATRpms testing repository. I 
used the link that you mention to get the display unichrome drivers 
installed, but that was where I had difficulty. I couldn't use the kernel 
RPMs because they were compiled i686, and my Fedora install uses a i586 
kernel. I also had some problems with some of the libraries because the RPMs 
conflicted with the xlib package. The xorg.conf didn't work either because 
it's setup for PAL, and my TV is NTSC.

How do you control hardware acceleration on the display? How do you tell if 
it's accelerated (other than CPU usage). I think my problem is that it's not 
using hardware acceleration on display. Also, what resolution(s) do you hare 
the X server set at. I see discussion about all kinds of different modes, 
but all I can get my X server to accept is 800x600. All the other modes are 
rejected for one reason or another (usually a message that says something 
like "TVencoder does not support that mode").

Thanks for the info,


On 5/6/05, stan at stanandliz.net <stan at stanandliz.net> wrote:
> Hi - I have an M6000 and have just finished setting it up with version
> 0.18 . MythTV is fantastic despite my fears over the relatively
> underpowered hardware.
> I am running Gentoo and have an Avermedia 771, so am getting an mpeg2
> stream which means less CPU used for mpeg2 decoding with the unichrome
> mpeg2 card. I am running backend and frontend on the same box with no
> problems.
> When I run anything without hardware acceleration, the CPU maxs out and
> the pictures lag a bit. When acceleration is on, I get about 40% idle and
> the picture is perfect. Even when I play an xvid file with mplayer and an
> xv driver, I get 50% idle.
> In short, the M6000 is fine for all video formats and can run the full
> mythtv package on it's own as long as you have hardware support.
> It sounds as if you may not have hardware acceleration support on - have
> you compiled Myth and your kernel with Unichrome support? What distro are
> you using?
> NOTE: Even when hardware acceleration is on, you will get "prebuffering
> pause" messages. I have got over this by running mythfrontend with nice -
> eg "nice -n -2 mythfronend".
> As for your Xorg, here is a really good page that will sort out TVout. I
> am using the guy's xorg.conf file and the picture is fantastic.
> http://www.kingcot.eclipse.co.uk/unichrome/unichromeTvOut.html
> Hope this helps.
> Stephen
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Brian Webb
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