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Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Thu May 5 17:12:04 UTC 2005

   Hi. Yes, pretty much everything below is exactly what I've learned
over the last two days. I hope it helps folks in the future.

   There is one thing I will add at this point, again to help people
in the future:

Cromwell-2.40 and earlier, as supplied here:


is not, I repeat NOT, compatble with an Xbox Ver. 1.6(b). If you have
a 1.6(b) do not flash a mod chip with this BIOS. You must request a
special verison of Cromwell to support this revision of the XBox or
what you flash will not work even if flashed correctly.

In my case I created a 512KB image of Cromwell and correctly flashed
it to both banks. We removed the mod chip and placed it in an earlier
XBox. The mod chip booted Cromwell correctly. There was nothign wrong
with my technique of flashing the mod chip but rather Cromwell simply
doesn't work in 1.6(b) machines.

I am waiting for a new version of Cromwell to try out. I have not yet
heard back from the individual that will supposedly do this build for


On 5/5/05, Will <egroups at klubbing.com> wrote:
> Mark Knecht wrote:
> >    I got the XBox modified by a nice guy here in San Jose. He
> > installed a DuoX2 chip and put some sort of bootable BIOS on it. I had
> > been able to boot GentooX and Gentoo-XBox after that work was done.
> > After looking at Xebian, GentooX, Gentoo-xbox I finally decided that
> > since I use Gentoo elsewhere I'd go with Gentoo-Xbox. All the
> > instructions said I needed the Cromwell BIOS so I tried doing that
> > with raincoat. Raincoat loaded the Cromwell BIOS, but then the machine
> > wouldn't boot from the DuoX2 anymore. It will still boot with the M$
> > BIOS.
> I know this is getting OT, but hopefully it will help others. The DuoX2
> has 2x banks of 512kB to flash a bios to. There is a switch on the chip
> itself to switch between banks (and the second bank should still be
> untouched on your Xbox assuming you haven't flicked the switch it since
> the mod was fitted - most likely this will contain a bootable modchip bios).
> Most Xbox modchips can be flashed with a 256kB size bios. The Duo is
> different as it requires a 512kB bios. If you try and flash a 256kB one
> it stops the machine from booting (this was my experience when fitting
> one for a friend anyway).
> What you need to do is open up the Xbox (using Torx 10 and Torx 20
> screwdrivers), remove the HD and CD drives, then flick the switch on the
> chip. Put it back together and see if it boots using the modchip bios.
> If it does, then start from scratch with flashing the bios on it again,
> but this time make sure the replacement (Cromwell) bios is 512kB in
> size, and that you are using raincoat version 0.7 (I don't know if this
> is required but everyone seems to recommend it).
> I hope this helps a bit!
> Will
> PS. If you're still stuck, I believe there is help on the xbox-linux
> website on how to soft-mod your Xbox, and contact details of nearby
> people who can do it for you. For specific DuoX2 info, try the forums at
> xbox-scene.com.
> PPS. If you're at all handy with a soldering iron you may see that
> fitting the chip is not that difficult, especially as someone has
> already done the soldering to the Xbox motherboard for you! You could
> consider buying a replacement DuoX2 and fitting it yourself (ie, they
> cost 11 here in the UK, which is $21 ish). There should only be 2
> connections to re-solder to the modchip.

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