[mythtv-users] Pundit-r TV-out

Marcel Janssen korgull at home.nl
Thu May 5 14:14:53 UTC 2005

On Thursday 05 May 2005 02:16, Marcel Janssen wrote:
> 2) the ATI latest drivers don't compile for me somehow (FC3). Is there any
> good documentation to make it work or better to not use them ?

OK, got the ATI drivers to work (or at least loading :-))

I've managed to get TV-out, but the image isn't correct. Tried dozens of PAL 
modelines but none of them work. The best I get is 640x480 and this gives me 
about 3 times the image on my TV. Colours are correct, just the image is 
displayed about 3 times in vertical direction, so squashed. Horizontal seems 

Any idea how to get the modeline correct ?


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