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Wed May 4 17:34:01 UTC 2005

I'll second that Shaun.

I'm running a ver 1.4 with a software hack, Xebian and myth 1.7. The hardest 
part was getting the software hack on the xbox for me, I ended up buying a 
memory card as opposed to making one.

The second hardest was digesting the how to Doc on the xbox distro, I'm not 
a Linux user...

Shaun, what's SD?


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>Subject: RE: [mythtv-users] Xbox Versions
>Date: Wed, 4 May 2005 11:18:51 -0600
>Why did you do a hardware hack for you where just going to run it as a 
>I have 5 Xboxes running now all with Xebian, each runs very well with SD 
>video (forget HD). My suggestion would be to pick one up used, this is how 
>I bought mine and thus did not have to stress as much about the version.
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>Subject: Re: [mythtv-users] Xbox Versions
>    I'm am currently going through XBox mod hell. I wouldn't recommend
>this to anyone feint of heart.
>    There are at least 7 versions of the XBox, starting with 1.0, 1.1,
>1.2, ..., 1.6. There is also (apparently) a 'sub-version' of 1.6
>called 1.6b. There are also a truly scary number of possibly mod
>chips. Choose one carefully. I'm using the cheapest. It would likely
>had been OK if it came preinstalled with the Cromwell BIOS. Some of
>them do. I suggest looking for that.
>    I purchased a new XBox last Friday for a Myth frontend machine. I
>knew it would be difficult. I won't be heartbroken if it doesn't work.
>Here's the status so far.
>    I got the XBox modified by a nice guy here in San Jose. He
>installed a DuoX2 chip and put some sort of bootable BIOS on it. I had
>been able to boot GentooX and Gentoo-XBox after that work was done.
>After looking at Xebian, GentooX, Gentoo-xbox I finally decided that
>since I use Gentoo elsewhere I'd go with Gentoo-Xbox. All the
>instructions said I needed the Cromwell BIOS so I tried doing that
>with raincoat. Raincoat loaded the Cromwell BIOS, but then the machine
>wouldn't boot from the DuoX2 anymore. It will still boot with the M$
>    So far I'm out $150 for the machine, $25 for the IR/remote, $50 for
>the mod chip + install and it doesn't work. That's $250. Probably I'll
>get it fixed and running sometime this week but it's certainly not
>painless so far. ;-) (Mostly my own making I'm sure.)
>    My one comment about the XBox is that it's not silent. The fan in
>them makes about as much noise as an older VCR when recording. This
>makes me wonder if I'll leave it turned on and ready for use or
>whether I'll end up turning i toff and seldom using it.
>    Based on a fairly gloomy Monday morning my thought today, knowing
>what little I know right now, is that I'd double the cost to $500 and
>build something that's both based on a standard PC architecture and
>BIOS as well as fanless and completely silent.
>    So far it's an interesting (if depressing) use of time and I'm not
>sure I'm going to enjoy the box when I get it done. Not a great
>report. Go here only if you like this sort of thing.
>    We'll see.
>- Mark
>On 5/4/05, Calvin Harrigan <charriglists at bellsouth.net> wrote:
> >     I've been looking for an economical way of setting up a couple
> > frontends.  I currently run a combo be/fe which has served me well for
> > over a year.  I though perhaps getting a couple used XBoxes would be a
> > decent route.  I've been skimming the archives and one thing that keeps
> > popping up is a discussion/mention of versioning on the XBox.  What is
> > the easiest version of the XBox to mod to allow it to run mythtv?  Does
> > it require a hardware modification?  How do the xboxes perform
> > displaying SD TV encoded at 480x480?  Any comments?  Thanks for the feed
> > back.
> >
> > Calvin
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