[mythtv-users] Re: Transcoding and other questions

Andrew Close aclose at gmail.com
Mon May 2 14:44:24 UTC 2005


commercial detection marks the location of the commericials (or what
are perceived as commercials) in the program you recorded.  there are
several levels of commercial detection you can choose from.  i believe
the 'ALL' method is recommended at the moment.  i think as you select
the flagging methods you will see a small description regarding how
they work and what they are looking for.  you can also select how you
want flagged commercials to behave when watching a recorded program. 
they can be ignored completely, they can pop up the OSD and let you
know that you've hit a flagged commercial, or they can be
automatically skipped.  Comm-flagging and skipping works better on
some shows than on others.  you'll kinda have to feel it out depending
on what you watch.  there may be more info in the archives regarding
specifics of shows.
setting the comflag options are easily done from the frontend.  you
should be able to go into settings/utilities and then tv and walk
through the wizard.  one or two screens have mention of comflagging
and and when to do it.  they are just checkboxes.  easy enough. :)

i currently use the 'ALL' flagging method and all shows recorded are
flagged.  a couple shows, such as LOST, i go through and edit the
cutlist by hand.  LOST is one of those problem shows that doesn't work
perfectly with comflagging (and my wife gets really miffed if we end
up jumping all around the show :)

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