[mythtv-users] Confusing 6200 issue...

Matt Mousseau matt at amsvans.com
Mon May 2 03:07:45 UTC 2005

Ok, First let me give MAD props to everyone involved in getting firewire
support working in myth!
Now that I got that out of the way (serious, I was literally jumping up
and down when I got it to just capture video), I'll try and describe
what is going on right now. I can capture video in either SD, change the
channel to another SD channel, and capture again...but if I capture from
an HD channel, change the channel, and try another capture, I get 0
length files.
If I power the cable box off & on again, however, I can capture again.
Can someone give me some help with where to look to see what is going
Matthew Mousseau
AMSVans, Inc. Webmaster
matt at amsvans.com
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