[mythtv-users] Watching regular DVD's on MythTV

Tom E. Craddock Jr. sigtom at sigtom.com
Thu Mar 31 01:31:51 UTC 2005

Richard Sears wrote:
> Tom,
> Your point is well taken, however please understand that my post was
> intended to be just what it was and the people that had the answer
> knew what I was asking. That is all I was looking for and this list
> has fantastic people just waiting to help others.  It would also seem
> like it has people who just like to act like fools.
> This mailing list is not a personal playground for one or two people.
> Just because people did not understand my post does not give them
> license to act like a 5 year old.

Richard, if your just figuring this out about the internet, than you 
really are behind.  It is the breeding ground for behaviour like this. 
Get over it.  Its all 1s and 0s man. Your posting to a public mailing 
list DOES give them license to do so.  Thats geeks...nerds..people who 
are more at home with technology than people...so they are abrasive, 
harsh tounged, and quick with the wit.  Thats how people on the internet 
are.  Please understand this.  And theres nothing wrong with it either. 
  Just as its everyones right to get on the internet, they also have the 
right to acy any way they please.

> If I choose to word a question a specific way for a specific reason,
> it is my right to do so. Attacking people because of this is pretty
> lame. And the shots at my title are even  more childish.

See above....so what its childish, this is a mailing list, if ya cant be 
childish here then where the fuck can ya now adays?

> I didn't fall off of a  truck yesterday and walk into my title. I
> earned it over 17 years, and bashing someone because you you don't
> understand a specific post is juvenile.

But thats not the only reason they 'bashed' your email, it was just one 
reason.....not only didnt the majority of us not understand what you 
were talking about, we also found the veep speak annoying.  Why use 10 
words to describe a chicken?  In other words, why make it hard for those 
helping you.  Im sure youve heard of KISS (not the band, the concept).

> Its pretty simple - if you don't understand - why bother trying to
> cause trouble..?

Becuase they wanted to help you not only with your present problem, but 
also make you aware, for future reference, to give as much info about 
the problem your having.  If you had to call up tech support for some 
fancy new gizmo you had and said you have an 'apparent' problem, and 
didnt elaborate further, what kind of response outside of, 'I need more 
info to help you' do you expect? Would you just hope and pray that you 
get maybe one of those 3 people who can decrypt your meaning, or do you 
provide more info?  Most call centers Ive seen have 2-500 people working 
in them, what are the chances of you getting that one (or 3 even) 
person(s) who can pick out what you mean?

Also remember, this is a searchable archive as well. Having an issue, 
posting to the list, and then getting a reply that only you are aware of 
doesnt help the community, and thats what this is about.  The next poor 
schlep who comes along may see your post, see you have a working 
solution and hope and pray he will find it in your next post or someone 
  elses maybe.....but no hes let down cause you got the repsonse off 
list.  Making your problem as well known and giving as much info as you 
can not only will help you find a solution, but also will help when 
someone else comes alongs and search for dvd decryption and they wont 
have to mail the list, waste more of their time, energy and bandwidth, 
not to mention outs.


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