[mythtv-users] How well does commercial detection work?

Tom E. Craddock Jr. sigtom at sigtom.com
Sun Mar 27 19:04:00 UTC 2005

SpikeyGG wrote:
> All,
> I'm wondering how well everyone else's commercial detection is working?  
> From what I've seen it seems like it gives me the basic jist of where a 
> commercial IS and I go in and set the breakpoints to where the 
> commercial really starts and stops.  However, I noticed from a recent 
> recording of American Idol the breaks get further and further apart as 
> the program continues.  Here's what I've found:
> Using default, blank frame detection.
> Does anyone have the commercial detection working flawlessly (or is that 
> not possible)?
> Thanks,
> -Greg

Well, this is still pre 1.0 software.  I dont think flawless is going to 
happen any time soon.  Pretty damn well? Yup, Ive got that.  Only a 
couple HD shows get screwy, Alias and Lost off the top of my head.  SD 
shows are spot on except for maybe a sec or two.  I have to say tho, 
about 90-95% of the time, commflagg works fine for me using the Blank 
Frame Detection.


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