[mythtv-users] Two Different Backend systems talking together

John Williams williamsbyron at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 14:36:41 UTC 2005

> identical systems. But you'd need to have the same cable subscription in
> both locations since both Myths would try to record the same shows. Not
> really a perfect solution, I'm afraid.

I like the Rsync idea or some such solution, but duplicating the
database is overkill and will do exactly what you are saying here. I'd
suggest creating a custom SQL script that only duplicates the needed
tables or one that runs and deletes the scheduled recordings
information from the scheduled recordings table (I don't know the real
name for that table). This would allow you to have the same data and
access to the data on both systems without having to have the schedule
and even the hardware config the same (if you didn't copy the hardware

The first questionthat comes to mind (it is a small concern) though is
what happens when you delete a viewed file form the second house
(slave system). It will reappear the next time things are sync'd
because it was not deleted on the master. It would take a pretty
significant change to make that sort of thing go away, and probably
not worth it.

Other than that you could duplicate the whole database and then run a
"delete from ScheduledPrograms" script to clear that table. All would
be well with the scheduled progs on the slave then.

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