[mythtv-users] cards with dual input?

Tu Holmes tu_holmes at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 21 18:50:37 UTC 2005

--- Jarod Wilson <jarod at wilsonet.com> wrote:
> On Monday 21 March 2005 07:42,
> joe.white at wachovia.com wrote:
> > Hauppauge has finally come out with an AV Cable
> set to plug into the white
> > AV headers on their PVR cards.  I am not sure if
> their cards consider this
> > an additional input to the existing RCA inputs or
> the same.
> Additional.
> -- 
> Jarod Wilson
> jarod at wilsonet.com

I was just looking at this.

Jarod, I know you have one of the PVR-500s, is there a
way to tell a "tuner" on the PVR to accept the input
from the AV connections?

I just ordered one of these (The PVR-500) and am
waiting for it to arrive, and now am questioning my
purchase... Here's why.

I have DirecTV, and will need to take both outputs
from the DirecTV box and put it to the 2 Tuners in the
PVR 500. 

Now, I can either buy one of these an run the A/V
stuff from each DirecTV box to the corresponding A/V
portions on the PVR-500, OR I can run a channel 3 from
one box, and a channel 4 from another box and run that
through a splitter (at least that's my theory), and
then tune one tuner to channel 3 and another to
channel 4. 

I would think the video quality would be better
running through the SVIDEO.

Would the sound be that much better? 

Is there anyway to get the digital audio out of a
DirecTV receiver to go to the PVR500 and have it
encode it to the MPEG-2 stream? I mean, If a movie has
5.1 in it, can I hear it as 5.1? If it's not encoded
that way, then I'm sure the frontend can't play it.

What do you guys think about that?

If I have to just listen to it in stereo, then I guess
that's ok too... I'm really only worried about 5.1
when watching a DVD or something like that.


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