[mythtv-users] trying to get mythtv-0.17 working

Don dlw3 at tds.net
Sun Mar 20 16:00:43 UTC 2005

sys is AMD Athlon 1.7ghz, 512m ram
160g /dev/hda, 120g /dev/hdb
cd/dvd-rw /dev/hdc, cd-rw /dev/hdd
MDK 10.1, KDE 3.2 W98
Hauppage PVR 350 TV card
mythtv-0.17 installed via RPM's

mythtv starts with a screen that reads:
'myth could not connect to database'

[don at localhost don]$ mythtv
2005-03-20 07:30:43.911 Switching to square mode ()
2005-03-20 07:30:43.984 Unable to connect to database!
2005-03-20 07:30:43.984 Driver error was [1/2005]:
QMYSQL3: Unable to connect
Database error was:
Unknown MySQL Server Host 'don at localhost' (1)

couldn't open db
2005-03-20 07:30:43.985 Switching to square mode (blue)
mythtv: could not connect to socket
mythtv: No such file or directory
lirc_init failed for mythtv, see preceding messages
2005-03-20 07:30:44.704 Joystick disabled.
QSqlDatabaseManager::database: unable to open database: Can't connect to 
local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2): 
QMYSQL3: Unable to connect
2005-03-20 07:30:49.160 User canceled database configuration
couldn't open db
[don at localhost don]$

DBHostName=don at localhost

The screen that shows the error 'myth could not connect to database'
has MySQL listed as the database where as ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt has QMYSQL3.
Haven't figure out how to change it yet.

Database software is:

I've used Linux since 98.
I am a USER with some technical knowledge.
I do not know diddly about databases.
I have Dish Network.
Signal goes from satillite box to 'vcr/dvd'
then to TV and computer via a splitter.
The PVR 350 has TV out but I haven't been
able to get it working. (Reason for splitter)
Eventually I want to run direct to computer
from satillite box then to 'vcr/dvd' then TV.
(I think.)

Can someone help get mythtv up and running?


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