[mythtv-users] DVB EIT/EPG

Robin Elvin rob at fearsedge.com
Fri Mar 18 20:57:16 UTC 2005

On Friday 18 March 2005 16:11, Stephen Williams wrote:
> > Check that you haven't got "on demand" set for your card.
> It isn't.
> > > Secondly, I only appear to be getting guide data for the mux/transport
> > > i'm tuned to, even though in the UK (Freeview) the guide data for all
> > > muxes are sent on every mux, is this correct / expected?
> > 
> > Not quite true, some mux's are better than others for EIT data. mux one
> > seems to have everything most of the time.
> That's what I expected. I left it on live-tv on BBC1 for half an hour,
> even then I had no guide data for (example) Channel-5. Flicking over
> to channel 5 manually resulted in guide data being built up for that
> channel.
> > > The result is
> > > that i'd have to sit there watching a channel for each mux in turn to
> > > fully update the guide, not ideal!
> > 
> > Taylor was considering doing this auto magically, but it shouldn't be
> > needed in the UK.
> Agreed, I didn't think it should be required.
> > > Previously i've been using tv_grab_dvb with great success to get my
> > > guide data (the system has no internet connection), is it possible to
> > > still use this tool until the wrinkles with the internal guide grabber
> > > have been sorted? ... or have the database changes made current
> > > versions of tv_grab_dvb unusable?
> > 
> > It should be ok, but you need to switch of the OTA guide setting and
> > fill in the xmltvid.
> Ok, so it's possible, but a setup hassle.
> Thanks for the response, i'll play about some more and see if I can
> sort this out.
> Steve
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OK, for what it's worth I moved from the Radio TImes grabber on 0.16 to 
over-the-air on 0.17 and it "just worked"

Apart from going from 14 days data to 7 there's no other problem. When I first 
used the new scan feature after dumping the channels it populated the guide 
pretty quickly. I should add that I'm running a Gentoo system so I'm using 
the ebuilds.

As far as I can recall I didn't have to tweak any Myth settings other than 
selecting the on-air EPG option in mythsetup. If you need me to check 
anything on my setup let me know.


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