[mythtv-users] [ G400 ] Hotwo enable flicker filters

Bernd Müller caret at gmx.de
Thu Mar 17 21:30:43 UTC 2005


How do i enable any kind of flicker filter to the matroxfb? Picture quality with 
mplayer, G400 and the RGB-cable ist fantastic, but any X appication, especially 
MythTV GUI flickers terribly. Somwhere in the web i've read this would be an 
issue of human optical perception. Perception of hard edges in GUI's at low 
frequencies (50Hz) causes the flickering. So many graphic cards support flicker 
filters to blur the image. From the windows driver i know the matrox g400 does 
to. But i didn't find anything about flicker filters with the G400 under linux 
in web. Does sombebody knows how to enable flicker filters?

I'm using the matrox g400 dual max with the kernel matrox framebuffer, second 
head connected to tv with the self build VGA to SCART cable.

(c; bernd

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