[mythtv-users] how does mythtv connect to mysql?

Rickard Olsson richie at webhackande.se
Wed Mar 16 07:13:30 UTC 2005

Michael Wester wrote:

> Unknown MySQL Server Host ' mediabox' (1)

I don't remember if that space before the hostname was a red herring or 
not, but check it out. You can also try 'localhost' since it appears 
you're on the same one box.

There is a settings file (at work right now, so can't remember the exact 
filename, but it's .mythtv.sql or something similar) that contains the 
database hostname, id and password in cleartext. There's one in your 
/root/.mythtv directory (I'm assuming that since it works when you're 
root) and if you, like me, uses Gentoo and have run the CVS and with two 
different users, you will have five copies of this file scattered around 
your filesystem. I found one in /.mythtv, one in /etc/mythtv, one in 
/var/somewhere/weird, one in /root/.mythtv and one in 
/home/mythth/.mythtv. I had the damndest problems getting my Gentoo 
startup script logging in to the db properly and it turns out it was 
using the one in /var. Naturally, this was the the last one I found.

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