[mythtv-users] NVidia, Hardware, Japan, Linux ... HELP!!! I'm going crazy!!!

David Bennett davidbennett1979 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 01:43:39 UTC 2005

I think I am going crazy! There are a million things to take into
consideration while trying to setup my MythTV system. I probably
should say that I am a newcomer to Linux (ie. I don't actually run it

I am in the process of buying a system to run Linux, MythTV (and maybe
mess around with Asterix). See my comment at the end if your first
instinct is to refer me to the archives.

These may sound (and probably are) really simple questions, so if you
could humour me I would be greatful. (apologies in advance)

(1) For Video OUT capable cards people seem to be leaning towards the
Nvidia cards. Problem is, there are a hundred of them. GeForce4,
MX440, 5200 etc. Am I safe with any Nvidia card or are there ones that
do not work yet with Linux? (Better yet a list of NVidia cards/models
that are safe would be better!) Are brand new models not stable yet
(driver wise) and which are the brand new mdels?

(2) Motherboard. I have never used Linux before and there seems to be
disagreements with what kind of chipsets to use. For example, people
say that VIA support is not that great right now. I am on the Fence
between an AMD64 or Intel box. Is AMD64 safe? Which chipset should I
use? Better yet, are there any chipsets that I should not use? All
this and I want to keep the box small and cheap. This is the tought

(3) Tuner/decoder. I would like the Haupage but am in Japan. I have
been told that the Kurotoshiko card is a clone. Its model number is
CX23416GYC-STVLP/R. Is this an actual Haupage card or just using the
same chips? Will it work the same as a "real" Haupage card? If I can
find another Tuner that uses this chip is it safe to go with it?
(basically a list of mpeg2 decoders that will work with Myth and can
be bought in Japan would be great.)

(4) Remote. Again, in Japan so I am not clear. Can pretty much any
remote work? I see ELSA's all over the place but no ATI remote. Am I
better off investing in a Universal Remote? Any ideas.

I think that's it for now. If anyone has any advice that would be
great. I just want to get the hardware portion over with so I can
start on the installation! I have stressed myself out enough as it is.

As for the debate that occasionaly surfaces as to why people are
constantly coming on the list asking about hardware when it is covered
in the archives, I would like to comment on that seeing as in I am in
that very position.

There are many guides for particular systems, but it is exceedingly
difficult to find a definitive guide as to what hardware can work and
what doesn't without look everything up individually. I am confident
that once I have the hardware I will be able to do some research to
solve problems, but what would be ideal is a hardware database (more
in depth than the pvr database) that lists all hardware on the basis
of whether it works/driver release etc.

Just my 2 cents.


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