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Carrison, Stuart Stuart at carrison.co.uk
Tue Mar 15 20:38:27 UTC 2005


"in other words add 'amp;' minus the quotes after the &."

This did not fix my issue with Mythnews. The issue is as Jep described: the last </category> is missing:

<category name="KnoppMyth">


        <title>mysettopbox.tv Forums</title>

<----------blank line were "</category>" should be---------->

I'm a vanilla R5v12 Knopper, but your fix mentioned below is apparently already applied in my build - wierd.


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>Mythnews is broken in KnoppMyth r5a12, and probably a10, too, due to an
>xml error in /usr/share/mythtv/mythnews/news-sites.xml.

>I removed the whole final category of feeds (which didn't have a
>correct </category> tag, but I think had worse problems than just
>that), then went to Utilities/Setup -> Setup -> Info Center Settings ->
>News Settings, and was off to the races.


Looks like when the new EFF rss feeds where added there was
a typo that prevented MythNews parsing the news-sites.xml file.

It was fixed a few days later by Isaac in cvs.

Look here for what needs to be changed

in other words add 'amp;' minus the quotes after the &.

Looks like you are just unfortunate KnoppMyth is using a bad copy of
the news-sites.xml file from between 7 Feb to 11 Feb. Does KnoppMyth use
the 0.17 release or a cvs snapshot?


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