[mythtv-users] PVR-350 and MythTV recording quality sample

Mark L. Cukier mark at pemicro.com
Tue Mar 15 14:57:32 UTC 2005

I'm using FC2, and I've tried the nvidia 6629 and 7167, both with no 

I'm using the lastest ivtv drivers from ATRpms.... not sure of the 
version off hand, I'm at work currently.

I'm SURE I'm missing something silly here.... I just can't believe that 
the card can't capture (near) perfect Video! ANY and ALL help is much 

Thanks in Advance,

Ron Johnson wrote:

>On Tue, 2005-03-15 at 09:36 -0500, Mark L. Cukier wrote:
>>I'm going to have to chime in here.
>>For me (though in all fairness, I'm not a linux expert and I'm not done 
>>tweaking all the options), I find the video from Myth to be... well, 
>>tolerable. Straight out of the box, I had a PVR-350 which produced what 
>>I considered to be horrible TV out signal (though the capture seemed to 
>>be ok, and many people use the PVR350 with no complaints). I then upped 
>>to an nVidia with TV-OUT, and now my picture is... better. Much better. 
>>But still not anywhere near where I want it to be.
>>I have a TiVo, and currently I'm simply not willing to give it up for 
>>myth-- for the sole reason that TiVo's image quality is better.
>>All this deserves two notes:
>>1) I'm more picky that most people about image quality-- eg, I won't get 
>>pay-per-view because I'd rather watch on DVD, etc (and it doesn't stop 
>>2) I'm pretty convinced that there must be something I can do to get the 
>>image quality better. TiVo doesn't use any special hardware/software 
>>that should make its image quality any better... so perhaps I need to 
>>learn, tweak, and learn some more.
>Which distro and video driver are you using, and which versions?
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