[mythtv-users] MythVideo database resetting itself afteraddingsecond frontend

Ian Forde ian at duckland.org
Tue Mar 15 05:10:20 UTC 2005

On Mon, 2005-03-14 at 21:49 -0700, Darren Richards wrote:
> Thanks for the suggestions.  This will work in about 95% of the cases,
> but there are certain dvd's which require special options (like -aid
> 128).  But specifying -aid 128 for all dvd's cause most of them to not
> play in dolby digital, even though I also specify ac=hwac3.  So I need
> to specify separate options on a per-movie basis.
> I suppose I could make the script smart enough to supply different
> arguments based upon the filename.  Perhaps I'll try that.

No problem - what you could do is have a .desc file with the same
basename as the movie.  Within that, you could specify the options that
you want to call mplayer with.  From your script, you check for .desc
file for options.  You would also need to configure mythvideo to
ignore .desc files the same way that .log files are ignored by default.

Another (and probably smarter) way would be to give them a different
extension, so you could invoke mplayer on those particular files with
the -aid 128 option...  The idea (for me, at least) is to avoid file-
specific options as much as possible and group movies into classes.
That's why I use .vob for avi files with AC3, and .avi/.mpg for the
others (with the exception of .dvdrip which is a straight iso that I use
xine for.)


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