[mythtv-users] How I got great quality TV-out on my nVidia MX4000

trev trev at g7pvs.freeserve.co.uk
Fri Mar 11 15:03:39 UTC 2005


There is nothing to stop me fromtrying S-Video except I would need to spend 
some money buying an S-Video to S-Video cable (which I might try at some 
point anyway).
At the moment I am more worried about the XWindows Panel appearing at the 
bottom of the TV screen when I start using the the computer monitor.
My IR Remote control also does not have a huge number of buttons (Came with my 
Adaptec VIDEOh! DVD Media Center) and so I would also like to use the 
keyboard to driving Mythtv on the second Screen.
I am new to Mythtv and only recently got my Remote working and have not 
completely figured out how to drive it properly.
If I cannot get the keyboard / panel on TV problem sorted I may abandon using 
Mythtv to watch live TV (originally I got the card to just copy home videos 
onto DVDs).
I am currently running KDE 3.2.3 on Mandrake 10.1 Official and from reading 
lots of different posts / faqs on the subject of multiple screens  and moving 
the mouse between screens I might try some different window managers to see 
if that helps.  Does anyone have a similar system working with a monitor and 
TV with different screens using KDE.

Best Regards


On Friday 11 Mar 2005 14:26, Will Dormann wrote:
> trev wrote:
> > The manual I have does specify "If the correct connector cable is
> > connected, S-Video out will generally provide a higher quality output
> > than Composite video out."
> > I can't test this at the moment because although I have an S-Video
> > connector at both ends I don't have an S-Video cable and am actually
> > unsure if the picture could look any better anyway.
> So what's keeping you from trying it?   S-Video reproduces the picture
> more accurately than composite.  It shouldn't have artifacts like dot
> crawl, which composite will likely have.
> Check this page for more info:
> http://nfg.2y.net/games/ntsc/
> -WD
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