[mythtv-users] 0.17cvs mythmusic directory tree sort problem

Michael Ford mford2 at comcast.net
Thu Mar 10 01:16:36 UTC 2005

I've noticed some strange behavior since upgrading from .16cvs to .17cvs.  I 
have my filesystem organized in the standard genre,artist,album,title format.  
Before upgrading if I simply checked the ignore id3 tag button and everything 
scanned perfectly.  Now when I scan my database I get this structure in the 
selection tree:
"unknown genre"-->artist-->album-->0-genre
I noticed there is a "directory" setting to mirror the actual directory tree 
but that results in this structure:

I took a look at the database and it looks like the artist information is 
getting populated in the new compilation_artist column instead of the artist 
column and as a result all the data is shifted over by one.  

If there is something I am doing wrong based on the new compilation_artist 
stuff please let me know.  Any help would be appreciated.

Mike Ford

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