[mythtv-users] Wireless G USB Dongles

Ciaran ciaranj at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 21:19:17 UTC 2005

Has anyone gotten a 802.11g USB dongle working on their Myth box yet. 
I want to put a new frontend into my [wireless] network and as it is a
pundit I have no card space [2 tuners], and the pcmcia slot would look
quite ugly if filled at the front ?

As much as I can grasp from googling is that USB + 802.11g + Linux is
a painful experience, but if someone has some hardware that they know
works, I can at least get this kit safe in the knowledge that its
possible, I can get it up and running once I'm sure in something <g>

- Ciaran
(I now have far too many G-Mail invites available, anyone who wants
one, gets one, just ask [off group])

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