[mythtv-users] UK DVB-T card recommendations

Robin Elvin rob at fearsedge.com
Mon Mar 7 17:05:45 UTC 2005

On Monday 07 March 2005 13:19, Nigel Metheringham wrote:
> I'm looking at building myself a Myth box.  I'm aiming to have a couple
> of DVB-T cards in there as the main sources, and probably another
> analogue input card (we have a Sky box so its likely to be hooked to
> there with maybe a short term attachment to a VCR whilst any required
> tapes are transcoded).
> The analogue card seems to be pretty much a no-brainer - Hauppauge PVR-
> [23]30.
> I'd like recommendations on DVB-T cards that work well with Myth for
> UK/Freeview service.  I'm aware of:-
>       * Hauppauge NOVA-T PCI cards (look like these are around 60)
>       * Pinnacle Mediacenter 300i (also has analogue in but presumably
>         without MPEG encoding - this would save me a card slot).  What
>         appears to be an OEM version of this can be found for under 60.
>       * Avermedia DVB-T (has a svideo in as well - not sure what that
>         can do).  Again around 60.
>       * Vision Plus Digital TV PCI Tuner Card - looks like this is
>         around 50
> Any comments on best or cards worth avoiding would be very helpful.
> I'm initially looking at getting just one to trial in my existing box -
> basically its to persuade the wife to go with this :-)
> Working out the final hardware spec of the final box comes later.
> Cheers
> 	Nigel.

I'm happily using a Nova-T. Patching the driver for the new silver remote was the only extra thing I had to do.


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