[mythtv-users] HD2000/HD3000 and the DVB drivers

ffrf ffrf at ffrf.net
Sat Mar 5 17:04:49 UTC 2005

I generally agree that the DVB drivers do work with the HD3000, but they
are not 100% reliable compared to the 'official' pcHDTV drivers.

Comments I have on the DVB drivers with HD3000 in MythTv (in the US):
- Guide data integration is not as plug-and-play as it is with the pcHDTV
drivers because the DVB drivers don't use the same numbering convention as
we are used to in the US.  You have to utilize the myth setup channel
scanning feature to add channels.  Some creativity is needed to map the
guide data to the DVB channels.
- Scanning for and adding ATSC channels is a bit cumbersome (lots of menus
to go through - channel scan freezes sometimes)
- I left the PC on the same channel overnight, and the next day the
channel was all garbled (exiting live tv and entering it again fixed the
- SNR (signal noise ratio) values are buggy (they don't start at 0%)

I originally tried out the DVB drivers because I was having lock-up
problems with MythTV, but I found out that the driver wasn't causing the
lock-ups.  After experiencing the reliability issues with DVB drivers, I
reverted back to the official pchdtv drivers.  YMMV

I also don't need QAM since I'm only using OTA ATSC, so I can wait a while
before making the DVB plunge.


> John,
> Speaking from personal experience, I believe that you can probably start
> tinkering with it, but depending on your configuration, linux distro.,
> kernel version, etc. you will still probably have some minor
> inconveniences/bugs.  I have Mythtv from CVS, V4L from CVS, DVB from CVS
> and kernel 2.6.11-rc5, and I'm having some minor success (I'm in
> Gilbert, AZ).  These are my observations so far:
> - Mythtv has fairly good support for DVB. Mythtv auto detected my card,
> and allowed me to scan for channels available without having to do any
> configuration other then running through the setup.
> - The DVB drivers for the HD3000 seem adequate, but the process to build
> and install them took a little bit of work.  This also caused problems
> with IVTV and I haven't yet been able to get them to co-exist.
> - I haven't tried ATSC yet, but I can't seem to find the local broadcast
> channels using QAM from my cable company (COX Phoenix).  All I get are
> some strange spanish sports channel, the COX info channel (CLIC), and
> the PPV preview channel (none in HD) but they are digital.
> Justin
> On Sat, 2005-03-05 at 09:02 -0500, john roberts wrote:
>> Can the new DVB drivers be used fo rthe HD2000/3000 cards?  Can they
>> be used for ATSC content in the US?  I see a lot of talk about the DVB
>> drivers and its uses outside the US - so I'm a bit confused.
>> Are the DVB drivers and the extentions to MythTV ready for prime time?
>>  Or would you consider them in an "alpha" state?
>> Thanks,
>> -John
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> Justin Schaub
> justinjschaub at cox.net

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