[mythtv-users] Understanding PVR 350 output options

Mark Schindel mark at schindel.ca
Fri Mar 4 19:32:48 UTC 2005

John, I also have the "live tv blank on exit from guide" problem. And I 
have skills and time to help diagnose/fix the problem. Can you share 
your thoughts on what's happening?


John Harvey wrote:

>Answers inserted below
> --- jgmtfia Mr <jgmtfia at gmail.com> wrote: 
>>I have a PVR350 and have it setup to run X using the
>>frame buffer
>>interface.  I also have myth setup to use the "Use
>>PVR350 decoding"
>>option.  I am using the composite video connector
>>for tv output and a
>>DVD player to simulate a video signal from a
>>satellite box via the
>>PVR350 svideo input.
>>One problem when using the PVR350 within myth is
>>that when leaving the
>>program guide, live tv takes 10 to 20 seconds to
>>display again, and in
>>some cases I have to invoke a menu or
>>channel-up/down to get live tv
>>to display again.  I have found no reference to this
>>problem on google
>>or the mailing list.  I would be interested to hear
>>any ideas on how
>>to correct this.
>There is known problem leaving the menu guide that
>causes this problem. There is currently no known
>workaround though i have had some ideas recently but
>havent had time to investigate them. Since this now
>happens for me regularly i may take a look at this
>over the next few weeks.
>>I must say that the picture quality of the PVR350 is
>>I also have a question about sound.  I would like
>>live tv to use my
>>sound card rather than the PVR350 sound output so
>>that mythvideo and
>>mythmusic all use the same speakers.  Is there a way
>>to do this?
>Feed the output of the 350 to the line in of your
>sound card and make sure the line in volume is turned
>off and that it isn't muted.
>>My understanding of using the PVR350 for tv output
>>is that mpeg is fed
>>into /dev/video16 by mythtv and the menu system and
>>mplayer output
>>(mythvideo) uses the frame buffer interface.  Is my
>Yes. The Programe guide problem is caused because this
>uses X to then access the frame buffer and the code
>switches alpha around to make this happen and timeing
>issues cause it to go wrong sometimes.
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