[mythtv-users] Bob and artifacts

John Kuhn kuhn at razorsys.com
Thu Mar 3 15:13:37 UTC 2005

> I think I read somewhere that enabling the option to seek to exact 
> frame (Under playback settings) might help with this?   It's worth a 
> shot.
> Just out of curiosity, how is the picture resolution look with your 
> system set to Bob?   I like the smoothness of motion, but there's a 
> distinct hit in the picture resolution for me.   (Which I believe is 
> an inherent problem with the Bob technique itself?)
it seems to be the best of the bunch for me.. picture quality seems as 
good as the source (which isnt that great) what looks even better is 
using bob with xvmc.. but that's a trick i cant seem to pull off yet.. 
xvmc causes lockups and strange issues when the osd is displayed


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