[mythtv-users] Fontsize problem in Myth menus with FC3

David Smith rdsmith at pobox.com
Wed Mar 2 14:43:10 UTC 2005

Thomas Börkel wrote:

> HI!
> I am running mythfrontend 0.16 on FC1 (connected to TV) and FC3 
> (connected to monitor). Both running in 800x600. Both have the same 
> font settings and theme in MythTV.
> On FC1, the menu font size if perfect. It's big, but not too big and 
> the character portion under the line (like in chars "g", "y", etc.) is 
> visible.
> On FC3, the menu font size is too big. Character portion unter the 
> line is truncated. The buttons at the bottom of the myth preferences 
> screens are not visible.
> Now, if I run mythfrontend on FC3 inside a VNC session forced to 
> 75dpi, then the font size is too small.
> I also tried setting the display size in xorg.conf, so that the local 
> display is also 75x75dpi (xdpyinfo reports this correctly), but this 
> had no effect on Myth. Somehow Myth gets the dpi setting from 
> somewhere else. And even if that worked, the fonts would be too small 
> then (like in the 75dpi VNC session).
> So, I am lost/out of ideas.
> Anyone has any hints on that? I'd like perfectly sized menu fonts on 
> FC3, like I have on FC1.
> Thanks!
> Thomas
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This has been discussed several times. Downgrade to package 
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