[mythtv-users] Fontsize problem in Myth menus with FC3

Thomas Börkel thomas at boerkel.de
Wed Mar 2 11:06:16 UTC 2005


I am running mythfrontend 0.16 on FC1 (connected to TV) and FC3 
(connected to monitor). Both running in 800x600. Both have the same font 
settings and theme in MythTV.

On FC1, the menu font size if perfect. It's big, but not too big and the 
character portion under the line (like in chars "g", "y", etc.) is visible.

On FC3, the menu font size is too big. Character portion unter the line 
is truncated. The buttons at the bottom of the myth preferences screens 
are not visible.

Now, if I run mythfrontend on FC3 inside a VNC session forced to 75dpi, 
then the font size is too small.

I also tried setting the display size in xorg.conf, so that the local 
display is also 75x75dpi (xdpyinfo reports this correctly), but this had 
no effect on Myth. Somehow Myth gets the dpi setting from somewhere 
else. And even if that worked, the fonts would be too small then (like 
in the 75dpi VNC session).

So, I am lost/out of ideas.

Anyone has any hints on that? I'd like perfectly sized menu fonts on 
FC3, like I have on FC1.



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