[mythtv-users] Silent HDTV Front End

Robert S. Kerr rskerr at dsbox.com
Thu Jun 30 20:00:50 UTC 2005

>I have one of the LV667T boards sitting here.  It's NOT silent since
>but it can be made damn quiet for a lot less than a typical system. 
>It does HD and SD playback via XvMC very well.  Though you need to
>jump through a few hoops to get the unichrome pro libraries and
>drivers installed.

So there is a fan in there?  The pictures of the board I've seen don't show one.  Is it needed on the Mobo, or is it the case fan?  I've seen a couple of fanless ITX cases that use big aluminum fins to disipate the heat.  These would be really compelling if this board will work in them.  I just don't know anything about the VIA chips & boards and what they'll need to work well.

I've been really been looking hard to find a fanless or at least 1 small or lowspeed fan frontend solution because in my cabinet the fan noise echos off the sides of the cabinet and amplifies the noise.

>I've not gone beyond the proof of concept phase with this board, but
>overall I'm pleased.  I've got a full Mythfrontend + all plugins in a
>system that 1 moving part (the CPU fan).

Have you had it doing full res HD and can it keep up as a front end only machine?

I'm thinking about taking my existing noisy backend and putting an HD3000 in there for capture, and then using a system like this for a diskless, front end.

I know I'm looking for a lot to find a cheap (relatively), very quiet, hardware HD capable front end, but if I can find the right solution I'll buy 5 and put e'm all over the house.  Then I'll be in Myth Heaven.

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